Support 1927 

1927 is an independent not-for-profit company that receives no regular public or other subsidy.

1927 has persistently punched above its infrastructural weight, trailblazing a model of a responsible, flexible and lightweight 21st century performance company.  Our work is created through extended research, development, experimentation and lengthy rehearsal, crafting and making processes. Through this we are able to make the highest quality original work that delights audiences in London, throughout the United Kingdom and across the globe. The awards, accolades, and years of touring across continents far and wide evidences how successful our approach and how broad our reach has been.

Without the support of partners, businesses and project funders we could not do what we do.  1927 is extremely grateful to all the supporters who have supported us to make and tour our work thus far.


If you would like to support 1927’s work please contact Jo Crowley via email to