A staged live music and cartoon film performance inspired by cartoonist George Herrimans 1913-1944 US comic strip ‘Krazy Kat’.  Directed by and featuring animation by 1927’s Paul Barritt with new compositions from the American composers David Lang and Oscar Bettison, and music from the composer, theorist, visionary, and instrument maker Harry Partch, Krazy Kat has ben created for and is performed by Cologne based Ensemble MusikFarbrik.

A Tribute to Krazy Kat had its world premiere at TONLAGEN – Dresdner Festival der zeitgenössischen Musik on 22 October 2014


Commissioned by Kunststiftung NRW, Philharmonie Essen, HELLERAU - Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Dresden and Ensemble Musikfabrik

Produced by Ensemble MusikFabrik

1927 Collaboration with Ensemble MusikFabrik 

Composed by Harry Partch (Eleven Intrusions), David Lang (Hammerspace) & 

Oscar Bettison (Animate Objects

Animation, Design & Directed by Paul Barritt

Assistant Animation, Design & Directed by Derek Andrade 

Documentary film: Daniel Kothenschulte 

Assistant Documentary film: Mirjam Baker 

Dramaturg: Beate Schüler 

Ensemble: Musikfabrik

Conductor: Clement Power 

Performance History

22 October 2014:             

Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden, Germany

31 October 2014:              

Philharmonie Essen, Germany 

16 November 2014:             

WDR Funkhaus am Wallrafpltz, Cologne, Germany 


The Krazy Kat Project image by Paul Barritt